Asset Management

Asset Management

Building enhanced relationships and connections
across Asset Management

Transform content into influence

Give your investors
the experiences
they deserve

Deliver a seamless brand experience across your investor meetings, financial updates, videos, podcasts, events, webinars and courses.

Leveraging the Reef platform your clients and prospects can connect with industry experts, asset managers, and fellow investors, fostering knowledge sharing, idea generation, and relationship-building.

The audience home petal diagram

Become an essential resource for the market

Create an audience home with convenient access to a wide range of investment-related information and services.

A single destination that serves as an essential resource for the asset management market by empowering asset managers and investors with efficient access to information, advanced analytics, collaboration tools, and a personalised experience

Fintech Audience home

Crunch the numbers
with deep analytics

Easily monitor and analyse consumption and turn these insights into improved results.

Our advanced data and analytics solutions provide a granular view of every engagement from customers and prospects across every touch point with your content.

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“This is the first time we have had a truly joined up experience with a single platform and app for our clients to access all our content and networking”

Isobel Peck, Chief Digital Officer, Informa PLC

Integrations with SalesForce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics

Seamlessly integrate the data most important to you

Reef has five powerful modules that all integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM system. After the smooth integration, our expert team of implementation managers will help every step of the way to get your system up and running.


Best-in-class security, accessibility and compliance

  • Single-tenant instance of Reef platform hosted on AWS for an added layer of security
  • ISO27001 compliant and meets all regulations for GDPR and CCPA
  • Secure data transfer between the Reef platform and third-party systems, including marketing automation and CRM platforms.

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