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The Network Forum (TNF) is Europe’s pivotal gathering for the post-trade and custody industry, bringing together over 500 professionals including network managers, COOs, direct custody providers, CSDs, and FinTech innovators.  

The 2023 Annual Conference held in Athens, focused on curating essential dialogues on future market challenges and growth. Ensuring optimal engagement and networking opportunities among participants was important to deliver a great event experience and maximise the value gained from attending 

  • 90%

    App adoption rate

  • 892

    Chat Messages

  • 1805

    Poll votes

  • 303

    Virtual exhibitor visits

  • 298

    Meetings booked

Digitising key elements of the event enhanced participants’ experience  

  • Engagement Through the App: the event app enhanced interactions. It allowed attendees to actively participate in polls, helping speakers and organisers shape sessions and discussions to align with the audience’s interests. 
  • Agenda Management: Seamless customisation of the agenda with attendees’ schedules, live updates and recorded sessions helped accommodate external work commitments. The app offered flexibility to engage in the conference without sacrificing other responsibilities. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Attendee filters and search features fostered pre-event networking, and enabled participants to plan meetings and engage in valuable conversations during the conference. 
  • Session Planning: Feedback gathered from polls helped organisers and speakers customise content for a more captive audience, and it also helped inform organisers on what content to plan for the next event. 

The outcome

The team developed an app that was tailored to the specific needs of this event. Attendees embraced the new app engaging through peer2peer scanning, session checking-ins, session ratings, gamifications, and live polls.

Exhibitors and sponsors left equipped with an abundance of attendee data and valuable insights; and the BizBash and Totem teams were thrilled with the app’s success.

Engagement, real-time agenda updates, and networking tools. The app played a crucial role in connecting attendees, enabling efficient scheduling, and ensuring a dynamic and valuable Annual Conference.   

Event app engagement at The Network Forum  

  • 90% App Adoption Rate: Demonstrating the app’s ease of use and the value it provided to attendees. 
  • 892 Chat Messages Sent: Indicating active engagement and communication among participants. 
  • 303 Virtual Exhibitor Visits: Reflecting the interest in discovering innovative solutions and services. 
  • 1805 Interactive Poll Votes: Showing the attendees’ willingness to shape the event content. 
  • 298 Meetings Booked: Proving the app’s effectiveness in facilitating valuable connections. 
  • 954 Badges Scanned: Evidence of dynamic networking and interaction within the event. 

As the plumbers of the financial industry, the post-trade community knows all about the importance of keeping the machinery working, and how without it, the front end simply doesn’t function. We have a number of plumbing partners of our own at TNF who support the buzzy atmosphere and innovative tech that our delegates use. The Totem app we utilised last week in Athens was engaged with fantastically well by the TNF attendees.

Andrew Barman, MD & Co-Founder, The Network Forum

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