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Drawing on over 25 years of events experience, Totem’s Smart events platform and app helps organisations to power engaging meetings and events - in-person, online and everything in between.

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Save time and add value

Whether you’re hosting a conference for 10,000 or meeting for 10, Totem’s easy-to-use Smart event platform gives you complete control over the whole experience, saving you time and providing limitless revenue opportunities.


Events wherever you are

How we consume events has changed forever. The events we all deserve should be accessible from anywhere at any time. Events that take place during single days are a thing of the past. All your events should have a very long tail.

Meet Hanna your future attendee…

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"Our bespoke ConnectMe platform, powered by Totem, seamlessly curates and blends our physical and virtual events, ensuring the two are complementary, not competitive. It’s a fantastic experience for everyone, all round"

Isobel Peck Chief Digital Officer | Informa Connect

Our unique features

Personalised Experience

Our exclusive Helix tagging software enables delegates to personalise their experience, matching them with relevant speakers and networking with like-minded contacts.

Carbon Offset

Use our App to score carbon offset points via our unique gaming features, only available through Totem.

Delegate Bag

Attendees can download videos, images, documents and contacts via their delegate bag – a great opportunity for exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers.

Tailored App

Warmly welcome your physical guests back to the floor with our tailored app to enrich their live event experience.

Flexible Networks

Room Radar allows delegates see who else is viewing a live session and interact with them – in person or online – merging the physical and digital space.


Using Totem’s platform, presenters and event organisers can teleport attendees to breakout rooms and networking tables, at the push of a button.

Data Analysis and Event Metrics

Totem provides event organisers, sponsors and exhibitors with a sophisticated data dashboard within the platform, enabling live event monitoring and instant session and event analysis.

Data summary

Totem Smart Events overview

  • Intuitive registration process for delegates
  • Badge builder with Helix tagging for preferences
  • Show participants a welcome video
  • Brand for your organisation and advertisers
  • Change layout with customisable widgets
  • Show meeting requests and networking tables
  • Click on Agenda item to view presenters and content
  • Teleport your attendees to breakout rooms
  • Organiser can record session for on-demand viewing
  • Use Room Radar in sessions to find and connect with likeminded attendees, sponsors and speakers
  • Use in-built poll, questions and chat features
  • Take part in on screen workshops
  • Limitless promotional opportunities for organisers, exhibitors and sponsors to turn atteandees into leads
  • Expo area which can be zoned plus separate area for posters
  • Gather data from interested participants
Totem iPhone dashboard

Why use Totem?


On Brand

Fully customisable designs, features and functionality catered to your audiences and their needs.



A scalable solution for all your event requirements, from internal meetings and bespoke webinars to international conferences and exhibitions.



Totem is ISO27001 certified and uses technology that ensures your event remains safe, secure and accessible for delegates.


On-demand Content

Give delegates the flexibility to come back to content at their leisure with on-demand access.


Customer Service

Access to quick and reliable support, including world-class training sessions and troubleshooting.


Event Reporting

Access to comprehensive data, analytics and event metrics to help you prove impact, with our Heartbeat data tool that measures where an attendee is located in the event, in real-time.

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