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SuperInvestor offers exceptional networking opportunities for the investor relations community with over 3,000 decision-makers, making it a popular event that’s been growing annually. Maintaining the event’s exclusive reputation as registration numbers increase is a challenge.  

Known for its tagline “where meetings become investments” the SuperInvestor team leaned on Totem to bring in a fresh approach to booking and managing meetings. 

  • 2,158

    Two-way chats

  • 5,692

    Attendee searches

  • 2,719

    Meeting requests

  • 3,317

    Saved profiles

How we helped

10 years of collaboration with the SuperInvestor team has given Totem a clear understanding of its audience and how to enhance the attendee’s experience. 

Attendee’s search ideal for networking and business development A refined attendee search system to easily find the right people to connect with. With a single click on a user’s profile and their comprehensive details become accessible, allowing attendees to prioritise the more relevant meetings and discussions.  

Visibility of other attendees helped participants come to meetings prepared, knowing what other delegates were looking to achieve by coming to the event. 

An enhanced experience through the app An event app designed to manage meetings with ease. Accept, edit, re-arrange and prioritise meeting invitations allowed attendees to stay in control of their event experience. 

An intuitive interface that allows for booking a meeting with two or more participants, the ability to select from a range of locations, physical or online offering more flexibility and convenience. Attendees were able to engage in different formats and styles. 

Interactive navigation Helping participants navigate the event floor minimised the time to get from one meeting to the next so more meetings could be booked. 

Easily networking through peer to peer scanning Peer to Peer scanning allowed LPs, GPs and all participants to exchange digital business cards. 

The outcome

Through facilitating efficient meeting management, interactive floorplans and effective pre-meeting communication, we used technology to offer attendees a valuable experience.  

  • Advanced Engagement: The platform facilitated 2,158 two-way chats, enabling attendees to engage in substantive pre-meeting discussions and set the stage for productive in-person conversations. 
  • Intent to Meet: The word ‘meet’ was mentioned 3,061 times within the platform’s chat function, indicating a high level of interest in scheduling face-to-face interactions. 
  • Meeting Requests: There were 2,719 meeting requests sent through the platform, demonstrating its efficacy in fostering connections between attendees. 
  • Attendee Interest: The technology supported 5,692 attendee searches for other attendee details, highlighting the ease with which participants could identify and learn about potential meeting partners. 
  • Profile Engagement: A total of 3,317 profiles were saved by users, pointing to a high level of interest in keeping track of key contacts for potential future interactions. 

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