Ivan Amaya
By Ivan Amaya

The Smart Events Playbook

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Smart events offer a new way to create data-driven audience journeys that help your event become a content powerhouse.

In a world filled with digital distractions, corporate events have a unique ability to cut through the noise. Yet with so much riding on events to deliver, organisers are under increasing pressure to grow their audience, supply granular data on behaviour, present their brand as ‘digital-first’ and, increasingly, to feed the sales and marketing funnel. A 2022 survey from ICE (In-house Corporate Events) showed that, compared to last year, there was a 10% increase in requirements to measure leads and an 11% increase to measure sales opportunities as key event metrics

Find out how to connect the dots between physical and virtual interactions, personalise your digital journeys and make a big impact on your clients and your corporate ROI objectives.

Download the smart events playbook here

Ivan Amaya

Written by Ivan Amaya


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