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By Matt Ryan

From First Date to Forever Client: Personalising the Investor Journey

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First Date

For many organisations, their website serves as a vital tool to attract new clients and forge lasting relationships. Yet, reports indicate stark disengagement, with nearly half of visitors to financial services (FS) sites departing after viewing just one page.

Consider a typical investor journey across an FS website and you’ll struggle to find much in the way of personalisation, with firms serving the same content to every client regardless of who they are and what they already know about them. Compare that to other sectors such as retail where consumers are served up experiences based on previous browsing history, purchases, demographics and more. These tailored experiences are giving visitors a unique experience, building stronger relationships and ultimately increasing sales.

Taking your customer on a personalised journey

Every visit to your website is an opportunity to learn more about the user. With every article read, video watched or webinar attended, investors are providing valuable insights – insights that help to build a rich picture of their interests and preferences. Used correctly this data has the power to transform the experience, ensuring that every visit to your website no longer feels like a first date.

The current financial landscape, however, is fragmented. Content sprawls across disparate platforms – articles on a content management system (CMS), videos on YouTube or Vimeo, webinars hosted on generic platforms. This siloed approach not only delivers a disjointed user experience with limited branding options, but more importantly, these platforms weren’t built to talk to each other. Analysing the resulting data becomes a complex and disjointed exercise.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Using a unified platform that consolidates all content – articles, videos, webinars under one roof, not only streamlines the user experience but also fosters a data-rich environment. By analysing user behaviour on the platform, firms can discern patterns and trends.

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While traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics offer a glimpse into user behaviour, they provide a fragmented picture, often anonymous. A holistic view, however, encompasses not just demographics and browsing history, but also content preferences and engagement metrics. This, when coupled with self-disclosed information, empowers a truly personalised approach. Imagine a potential client engrossed in content and webinars on a specific topic; the platform can trigger a timely, personalised outreach, fostering a deeper connection. This not only aids in client acquisition but also strengthens relationships with existing clients.

By harnessing the power of data in such a way, FS firms can transform the investor journey. No longer will each visit feel like an awkward introduction; instead, it will be a conversation – a conversation tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each individual investor.

Turning visitors into customers

Overall, too many websites today are not leaving a lasting impression. They are not engaging with prospects in the desired way to forge meaningful connections with audiences. With audience engagement platforms today, businesses across the financial ecosystem can gain valuable insights into their audience’s behaviour and preferences, empowering them to deliver personalised experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Additional access to essential Digital Hospitality features, ensuring seamless communication and interaction with clients across various channels, is the only way to ensure that every visit to your website is not like a first date.

Matt Ryan

Written by Matt Ryan



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