Wealth Management

Wealth management

Enhancing audience engagement for
Asset and Wealth Management clients

Attract, engage and retain more clients

Attract, engage and retain more clients

Asset managers and wealth advisors are under increasing pressure to find new ways to attract, engage and retain clients.

The Reef platform provides a powerful tool to engage your audience through every stage of client acquisition and retention. Reef is fully customisable for high-net-worth individuals, institutional clients, and fund investors.

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How does it work?

A unified content experience

Curate personalised content experiences – combining access to a range of live events, investor meetings, webinars or virtual roundtables with your best on-demand content.

Demonstrate your deep industry expertise, with an easily accessible library of relevant, personalised content across all media formats.

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Personalised content experiences

Personalised content experiences for investors

Curate personalised journeys for your investors. Whether a high net worth individual, a mutual fund or an institutional investor, Reef gives you the power to deliver the most relevant information, learning and inspiration.

Alex Todd European Head of Securities, CitiBank

“Digitisation is undoubtedly a value-add. The engagement you are able to obtain is really, really helpful. Compare that to pre-digital age, and there’s no doubt it maximises people’s interaction”

Alex Todd
European Head of Securities, CitiBank

Integrations with SalesForce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics

Seamlessly integrate the data most important to you

Reef has five powerful modules that all integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM system. After the smooth integration, our expert team of implementation managers will help every step of the way to get your system up and running.


Best-in-class security, accessibility and compliance

  • Single-tenant instance of Reef platform hosted on AWS for an added layer of security
  • ISO27001 compliant and meets all regulations for GDPR and CCPA
  • Secure data transfer between the Reef platform and third-party systems, including marketing automation and CRM platforms.

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