Internal Use Only

Design Time

A monthly updated list of what we’re focusing on

Nearly ready for release

Mobile Stage Remote

What’s being changed
• UI Change across whole remote
• Removing stage colours
• New way of asking questions
• Improved polling design
• Improved chat

Why we’re doing it
It’s a heavily used area and feedback suggests people find there’s too many clicks on some areas and also it just needed a rework design wise

We have bits which haven’t made it into this release like the new feedback system and a different entrance screen form What’s On.

In the workshop

• Attendee cards updates on web and app
• New meetings cards and layout on web and app
• Dashboard redesign
• Searchable company listings
• Updated exhibitor stands
• Beacons
• Community content updates
• Community content on mobile
• Launchpad
• TMRE event collateral
• Community release doc
• Courses welcome pack

For further details or if you have any questions or ideas we’re on Slack!