FAQs about Totem. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a blend of a live physical (in-person) event with virtual online components. Hybrid events bring your physical audience and virtual audience in the same frame in real-time and allow you to reach more of your customer base without any geographical constraints.

What are the benefits of hybrid events?

Having your event available on-line & in person gives you a massive opportunity for a bigger reach as there is no (theoretical) upper-limit on your virtual attendees joining your hybrid event. Greater sponsorship opportunities on the digital delegate bag, agenda area, networking and more! Having access to event data is much more accurate and shows valuable insights by seeing attendee interactions from use of both the web-app and mobile app too.

Where can I find a price list for turning my event hybrid?

We don’t have a set structure of price as every event is unique and filled with personalisation to bring your attendees the best quality event we can! Please contact us and request a demo to find out the full capability of using Totem to host your amazing event!

Is Totem Hybrid right for my event?

Wondering if Totem is the right fit for your events? Don’t listen to us, take a look at our case studies from our clients who were very satisfied with the experience. Totem currently has clients from a wide spectrum of industries including events, legal, travel to medical and banking.

What features do you offer for hybrid exhibitions?

Totem Hybrid has a dedicated area for exhibitors to show off their services using a showcase and even a demo room! The exhibitor stand representatives can be contacted by both physical and virtual attendees and has an area for videos & pdfs to add to the stand. Stands can be both supported for physical enhancement and virtual inclusion with adding exposure to the stands via adverts and global messages. For a full list of features, get in touch today!

Why hybrid events?

I’m glad you asked! Hybrid events offer the ability to generate more sales leads, decrease the barrier to entry (not having to travel, attend as both online and in-person) and allow transparent data capture to increase your outreach. Networking with in-person attendee’s from the comfort of your hotel room, access to on-demand content from streamed events and expanding your personal networking by filling out your social media tags! Hybrid events give you that flexibility and connectivity that a physical event just won’t.

Do you offer training on how to use your software?

Every client of ours has a dedicated account manager tasked with ensuring you become an expert on our platform, helping to create high quality events alongside you. We have product user guides for both the event organisers and also your attendees to make the most out of the Totem Hybrid Events platform. Come meet the team – we don’t bite!

What if I want just a physical event or virtual event?

Totem Hybrid originally worked in physical events prior to developing the virtual platform. The hybrid concept combines the technology and expertise from both areas. We also can offer the added benefit of features from the Virtual platform in Physical events via the app. Whether Virtual, Physical or Hybrid, we have it covered!

What are your solutions to live-streaming on Totem?

We offer OnAir which is our own live-streaming solution that consists of streaming pre-recorded videos and live content, via RTMP into Totem. You can also use our own built-in technology (Fuse) to instantly engage with the audience. Alternatively, we also allow flexibility for your own embed codes straight into the platform too! Get in touch or check out OnAir for more information

What services do you offer for my event

Totem Hybrid can support you using a range of our services such as OnAir and Creative, providing motion graphics, video production, specific branding and digital creative services as well as live streaming services.